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What is a football handicap? The best way to play football betting that you should know!

Football is known as the "King" of sports popular all over the planet. The attraction from tournaments brings an exciting betting arena for fans. Following the article below, win tips will help you accumulate enough information about what football handicap is.

What is the concept of football handicap?

The football handicap is a term used in the field of sports betting. The meaning of this type of bet is to reflect the odds of a match that the bookmaker provides. Through the odds table, players can grasp important information about the football teams. Identifying strong and weak forms, the odds of winning are the most important things to help bettors predict accurately.

Sports betting is always an entertaining form loved by many.

Football handicaps are influenced by many factors related to upcoming matches. These include information such as history, standings, tactics, and form of each team. Based on this data, bookmakers predict future results. Players participate in betting along with the odds minutes before the start of the match.

Whether large or small, bookmakers can provide different types of handicap tables. The most basic types of handicaps currently shown on the general handicap table are: Asian handicap, over/under handicap, full-time handicap, or first-half handicap.

Participating in football handicaps opens up ample betting opportunities for bettors. If you prefer the European betting style, you can choose the 1×2 handicap for the first half or the full match.

Conversely, for Asian football fans, they can choose Asian handicap and over/under handicap.

What factors are there in a football handicap table?

To participate in football betting, players need to grasp the information in the handicap table provided by the best betting site in the world. Through analysis and evaluation, the odds of football betting will change randomly. Common ways to view football handicap tables are as follows:

Bookmakers regularly update the handicap table with the latest information.

A betting match involves two teams of different strengths. The team with the better actual strength is called the favorite, while the weaker team is called the underdog.

The handicap table displays the team being handicapped, meaning the stronger team. Alongside the name of the favorite team is the odds provided by the bookmaker.

The odds at the bookmakers change due to many factors that experts analyze. The participation situation between the away team and the home team also affects these odds.

The handicap table also has a second box to show the over/under handicap type organized by the bookmakers. Above, the odds represent the over, and below, the odds represent the under.

For the 1×2 handicap, meaning the first-half or full-match handicap, all 3 corresponding odds are displayed. Choosing the home team to win will yield the highest odds, the away team winning will yield the middle odds. The remaining outcome, a draw, with the corresponding odds, lies in the last box.

How many types of football handicaps are there?

Football betting has been around for a long time and first appeared in European countries. Over many years, it has developed strongly.

Online bookmakers can create hundreds of different types of handicaps. Depending on preferences, participants can choose the appropriate form.

Here is a summary of the most popular football handicap types today:

1. 1×2 Football Handicap

The first type of handicap introduced and also the simplest to play is the 1×2 handicap. When participating in this form, players only need to choose one team to win to earn money. In the case of predicting a draw between two teams, the bookmaker reviews uk will pay out according to the final odds.

Although the simple nature of the 1×2 handicap is not as attractive as other football handicaps today, the dramatic nature decreases because players don't need to pay attention to the match. For very strong teams, the odds will decrease significantly.

Conversely, if a weaker team unexpectedly turns the tide, the chance of winning money is very high. For those new to sports betting, this type of handicap can be a good introduction.

2. Football Handicap

One of the most popular betting forms on the market today is football handicap.

This type of bet is often referred to by bettors as Asian handicap or Handicap. Participants in the handicap can choose between the favorite team or the underdog.

The favorite team will be stronger than the underdog with a certain odds.

The purpose of offering a handicap is to ensure balance in a football match. When two teams have too large a difference, making it too simple to predict the winning team, applying the handicap of the stronger team to the weaker team makes the odds fairer.

Playing Asian handicap can be more complicated than European handicap or 1×2 handicap. Handicap is divided into several types based on the odds factor.

The main types of football handicap include: ¼ handicap, ½ handicap, ¾ handicap, 1 ¼ handicap, 1 ½ handicap, 1 ¾ handicap, and so on...

To understand more about Asian handicap, you can refer to an example of a match between Liverpool and Chelsea football teams.

Bookmakers provide a handicap table with Liverpool as the favorite team and Chelsea as the underdog. With a corresponding handicap of -0.5 goals, the following cases are noted:

At the end of the 90-minute match, the favorite team must win and ensure a greater winning margin than 0. In this case, those who bet on the favorite will receive a reward.

If the favorite team loses or the result is a draw at the end of the 90-minute match, those who bet on the favorite will lose their entire bet.

3. Over/Under Football Handicap

According to many surveys, the over/under football handicap has a very strong attraction in the market. Sometimes, it even ranks second only to the popularity of the Asian handicap in certain periods.

The simple way of participating in the over/under handicap is often chosen by many new bettors. Bookmakers record betting results based on the total number of goals in a match.

Participating in football betting with over/under handicap is extremely simple.

To participate in this form, players only need to predict the total number of goals scored by both teams.

Then compare the prediction with the over/under odds provided by the bookmakers. If the prediction is higher than the odds, it's called over; otherwise, it's called under.

To understand how to play the over/under handicap accurately, you can refer to a betting scenario with an Over/Under odds of 3.5. At the end of two halves of play, if the total number of goals scored by both teams is greater than 4 goals, those who chose Over will win. Conversely, if the total number of goals scored is 2 goals or less, those who chose Under will win.


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