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2023 年下載免費書籍的 18 個最佳網站

有沒有想過創建一個擁有數千本免費書籍的圖書館? 你永遠不必花一毛錢。 這聽起來不可能,但事實並非如此。 幾乎所有您能想到的主題的免費書籍都在 Internet 上,隨時可供下載、閱讀和分享。 這些是最好的網站,提供涵蓋各種主題的免費書籍,從浪漫小說到電腦科技手冊,應有盡有。

由於 1998 年的 Sonny Bono 版權期限延長法案,從 2019 年開始,大量以前不向公眾開放的書籍得以發行。 由於對該法案進行了修正,1923 年至 1977 年間出版的作品可以在其發布 95 年後進入公共領域 創建。 以下列出的許多網站都可以存取根據該法案提供的數萬本書(以及電影、歌曲和卡通)。 根據美國版權法,下載應該是免費的,不會受到報復。 likely refers to the activation page for SonyLIV, a streaming service that offers a variety of content, including movies, TV shows, and sports. The activation process typically allows users to link their devices to their SonyLIV account to access premium content.

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How to Use Twitter: From Beginner to Advanced

Have you been struggling with how to use Twitter effectively for your personal brand or business? If so, this post has everything covered for you, start to finish.

Twitter is the epitome of the KISS strategy—keep it simple, stupid.

Not that I’m labeling anyone “stupid,” but the social network does rather successfully force its users to do what most of the internet doesn’t: self-edit.

With only 280 characters (yes, including spaces), you don’t have much liberty to hash out long-verse prose.

I mean, sure, 280 characters is a leg up from its previous 140. And yes, now that Twitter has released a threaded tweets feature it’s easier to create a series of connected posts.

How to download songs from SoundCloud? - A 2023 Guide

Music is essential to many people, but the days when we had to buy it at the mall in physical form are long gone. Many music streaming services, like Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, have emerged, so listeners don't have to own a physical copy of the recordings. Instead, everyone just streams music whenever and wherever they want. Nevertheless, downloading local files on your device can still be handy in some circumstances – especially when you know you won’t have access to the Internet or there are problems with slow connection.

Unfortunately, the option to download music from a streaming platform is usually restricted to paid users only. Luckily, SoundCloud is an exception – you can download the tracks for free to your device as long as the artist allows it. So how can you download songs from SoundCloud to mp3? You…

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