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I am a business owner that has witness our economy’s struggles from the crisis epidemic. This is why I started my nonprofit called “Relief Is Here.” I have seen Schools, Hospitals, Businesses, DHHS services, Hotels and our Communities goes through stress, depression and some deaths by suicide. RIH wanted to help change people’s stress, fears and depression by returning students of all levels back to schools, worker’s back to their jobs, staff- teachers, first responders, business owner‘s and our communities back to a economic stabilized environment; with a prevention safe guard device. RIH provides a ppe prevention air purifier that eliminate pollutants and viruses such as SAR-CoV-2(COVID-19) in air and on surfaces. RIH would like your help by the way of donations; in support through the purchase(s) of our packages. Your able to view these packages by pressing SHOP button on the website. There is a member‘s button also that you can subscribe to become a sponsor member. Supporters that purchase packages will be updated and notified on the logistics to the gifted approved recipients. All

details, and more will be provided to the purchaser of the packages.

Michael Spina Nonprofit